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Wallet is Disabled [Upgrading to Razer Gold]

  • 17 February 2019
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I'm unable to upgrade to Razer Gold. Whenever I start the upgrade process from anywhere (razergames, zvault, gold), I'm told that I have an existing zvault wallet which can be upgraded. Upon logging in, I'm informed that my wallet is disabled, and to contact support. After contacting support, they direct me to the "zgold team" submit ticket page, which will redirect me immediately upon logging in back to the gold.razer.com portal to start the entire process again.

I haven't been able to speak to anybody who can help, and I can't submit a ticket for support.

Also, the directions at the bottom of the Razer Gold portal to log in at zvault to start the process, will redirect you back immediately to the Razer Gold portal from whence you came.

A lot of circular logic here and redirects, no upgrades makes a sad buzzedword.

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Hello! Please PM me the support case/ticket number. Let's continue there. Make sure to include the link to this post for reference.