[WEEKLY SILVER] Rediscovering Classic Gems: What's Your Favorite Retro Title? | Razer Insider

[WEEKLY SILVER] Rediscovering Classic Gems: What's Your Favorite Retro Title?

  • 16 October 2023
  • 7 replies
[WEEKLY SILVER] Rediscovering Classic Gems: What's Your Favorite Retro Title?
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Retro games have a special place in the hearts of many gamers due to their timeless charm and innovative gameplay.

What are some of your favorite retro games, and what is it about them that makes them special to you? how do you enjoy playing them with modern technology and Razer gear? 

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7 Replies

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One of my favorite games is Hidden & Dangerous, and that’s the only game I would like them to do a re-master of. With todays hardware it would look like Minecraft. Maybe I’ll install it and try it with some Razer hardware. 🤔

Best Retro game for me is Castlevania symphony of the night. Unfortunately the game itself only available via Old PlayStation system. Therefore only ROM can be play via PC. As for modern technology, mechanical keyboard like Razer BlackWidow definitely is good experience to control the game.

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some of my favorite retro games are Street Fighters Series Since 1987, one of the most popular Fighting Games, Playing the Latest Street Fighters Series at Latest PC with modern technology and Razer CONTROLLERS or Razer ALL-BUTTON ARCADE CONTROLLERS improve my Fighting Games Skills.

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mine is Dune 2

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another of my favorite retro games are Counter-Strike Series Since Beta at 1999, one of the most popular Tactical First-Person Shooter Games, Playing the Counter-Strike Series with every patch improvement, at newer PC every few year with modern technology, and went from ball mouse to optical mouse to gaming mouse and to Razer GAMING MICE, and went from membrane keyboard to Razer Mechanical or optical gaming keyboards improve my Tactical First-Person Shooter Games Skills.

My number 1 is Captain Claw (1997). I love this game and dream of a remake, and it has an interesting fan base around the world that keep the game alive. It is special to me for being one of the first ever games I played on a PC, on windows 95. Remarkable PC era, I’d say.

Another one is Age of Mythology. I learned so much from the game, not only from mythologies around the world but the English language itself, as I had to translate it myself as a kid. Not to mention the fun playing with the titans in the game’s DLC.