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[WEEKLY SILVER] The Perfect Combo!

  • 31 October 2023
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[WEEKLY SILVER] The Perfect Combo!
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Snacking and gaming often go hand in hand, creating a delightful pairing for many gamers. Whether you're a fan of savory, sweet, or something in between, the right gaming snacks can enhance your gaming experience.

What are your go-to snacks when you settle in for a gaming session? Do you prefer chips, candy, fruit, or something else entirely? Have you discovered any unique or lesser-known options that fellow gamers might enjoy?

Share your favorite gaming snack recommendations for a chance at the weekly 5000 Razer Silver.

10 Replies

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I go for M&M’s, the yellow bag. No crumbs in the keyboard.

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i go for popcorn or chips

Full time chips or crackers with chopsticks, to evade those sneak greasy fingers.

herbal tea or chai  and lots of fresh blueberries and an occasional  reeses Easter egg.

Definitely popcorn all the time especially during movie time or anime session. 

Pineapple juice or popcorn.

Chocolate bars - no mess, no icky fingers, bite-and-go.

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A pint of Carling and a handful of nuts, for sure 🍺🥜


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just Water and Biscuit for me. but Fruit especially Banana was the best Pro Gamer Food as some of you might know and heard it before.

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Definitely some Lay’s or Raffles’ chips!