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[WEEKLY SILVER] Unveiling the Secrets of Virtual Worlds

  • 13 November 2023
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[WEEKLY SILVER] Unveiling the Secrets of Virtual Worlds
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Hidden Easter eggs in video games have become a beloved tradition, offering players a chance to discover secret treasures, inside jokes, or nods to pop culture. 

What are some of the most memorable Easter eggs you've encountered in games? Did they enhance your gaming experience? Whether they're funny, nostalgic, or mind-bending, share your favorites for a chance at the weekly 5000 Razer Silver.

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Cyberpunk 2077 has so many from different shows and other games., Like the Bike from Akira, and Ghost in the shell. Also, if you find the fridge with a dead body in it, the body is dressed up as Indiana jones. also Reminds me of the time finding the kid in the fridge in Fallout 4. It also had another fallout reference in the game in the badlands. Definitely brings the experience to a new level.

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cow level in Diablo

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Literally easter egg:


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Stray (2022) Valve Half-Life Crowbar Easter Eggs nostalgic references 

There are two spots in the world you can find this. One is a lone crowbar in the subway, and another is found in Doc's safehouse right outside the Slums. There’s even a valve next to the latter, so it’s right on the nose.



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Recently new released game The Last Faith’s version of Resident Evil’s Dr. William Birkin