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[WEEKLY SILVER] Who Stole Your Heart?

  • 6 November 2023
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[WEEKLY SILVER] Who Stole Your Heart?
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Gaming character crushes are a unique aspect of the gaming experience. Whether it's their personality, appearance, or the adventures you've shared, many gamers have felt a deep connection to virtual characters.

Have you ever found yourself unexpectedly crushing on a character you didn't anticipate? What was it about them that drew you in?

Share your experiences and stories about the characters who've captured your imagination and maybe even your heart for a chance at the weekly 5000 Razer Silver.

7 Replies

One time I was playing Fortnite and I saw the Chun Li skin and I realized there was more to Fortnite than just shooting and building

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Wanna Be The Main Hero was the Tradegy Many People fell for it.

My Viper Mice ...<3

Mipha’s love affection to Link. And everytime Mipha's Grace skill active when Link lost his life.

I like Alex Mercer from Prototype, cause his story is extrem strange and its one of the games were i liked to look behind the sidestorys.

Im sorry for my bad english but im from Germany XD


Another game what catches me with the story is gears of war one i think. its hard to see the scene where Dom kills Maria incause of her injury. Its a game with a story what is staged like you feel you play a movie



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Android 18 from DBZ ><;; You know why..