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Razer raptor hdr issue

  • 10 December 2020
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So my issue is is that whenever I use hdr the brightness changes depending on the scene in the game. It's pretty noticable and distracting, not a smooth transition at all. On a dark scene it's really dark then when I look at a light source the whole screen brightens suddenly. It happens on my ps4 as well. Colors look better when I just have hdr enabled on monitor and disabled on windows. Is this a issue with my monitor or is this how it works.

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1 Reply

i have the exact same issue.

Its also very visible on windows desktop when you browsing or whatever.

I think its because we have no backlight zones. There is just one backlight.

HDR 400 is a joke so it does not make a real difference if you watch HDR content with it or without it.

I am very dissappointed with this Monitor and i will not choose Razer ever again.