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razer blade 15 2020 rz09-0328 base model charging light flickering

  • 2 October 2023
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Hi, yesterday i noticed something while i was playing fortnite on my razer blade 15(rz09-0328) 2020 base model 

i noticed that the icon in windows that shows that the device is charging was going on and off, it kept going until i closed fortnite, so i found out that when the power is underload it was doing this, then i shut off my laptop and listened to the transformer inside of the ada

pter it was stable but when i but it under load it was pulsing 0.7 second in between. so i did these :

*checked for overheating which was normal on epic setting on fortnite : gpu 77,cpu 83

*unpluged all usb’s, hdmi port extenal hdd etc. the moved to a diffrent place with a diffrent socket 

*tried to update all things but nothing came up

*i read this 

 but nothing helped me no EC update for the base model 

*trying to position the plugs/cables good so i made sure that no port was not in place/loose


im sick of it, it only happens when im putting it under load all my cables where rated to 10A 210-240V

i have the plug connected to ground sockets too nothing helped 


yesterday this happened which the night before that i unpluged my laptop from the power (which i alwasys do)

and ive had this laptop since 1.5 months ago its new 


so please if you know any solutions to this problem please write it down


here is the powershell results from the power history 



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