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Razer Leviathan v2 v2 PS5 Connection

  • 24 November 2022
  • 13 replies

It now works... You'll need the Razer Audio app installed and the usb-c to usb-c cable that the speaker comes with.

Connect the Leviathan to your ps5 using the usb-c cable then pair the device to your phone. Once connected to your phone open up the Razer Audio app and allow it to detect the Leviathan.

Once it had picked up the connection you can fine tune your Leviathan including its input source. Switch this from Bluetooth to USB and presto. Your lovely Leviathan now works with your PS5 and comes up as a usb headset.

13 Replies

Hey I just found this forum out. Unfortunately its not working for me at all. what can I do? I reste the ps5 several times and downloaded the app several times too. I can see the bluetooth connection on the ps5, doesn't connect how i expected. I changed the setting on the app and nothing shows up on the ps5. Any help. Do i have to get a special cable Because I connected the able usb-c to the bar and the other part usb to the ps5. That's what i was provided with the bar.
the usb-c to usb-c cable that the speaker comes with.

My leviathan comes with a usb-c to usb cabel tho... I connected it to my monitor, and both my mac and pc can connect it with usb/bluetooth, the ps5 is one not getting it right.

Can anyone confirm this works? 

Can you explain it step by step? I don't understand some things in your explanation...Thanks !

does anyone know how can I increase the volume to the maximum once I connected it? It appears like locked on the audio app at almost 50%

@JASPERDarkPucepoly979 can you explain how you have connected the leviathan to the PS5 ? Thanks.

@JASPERDarkPucepoly979 can you explain how you have connected the leviathan to the PS5 ? Thanks.

I wish someone had the answers lol.. really want to know it will work before soending £100 on it. Also trying to find out if I got razer raptor monitor would it connect to that amd ps5 then se d sound via hdmi maybe...  again alit of money to find out I can't... 😭

For ppl who’s wondering. I guess JASPERDarkPucepoly979 just connected his Leviathan v2 X to ps5 via usb-c - usb-c cable. Same as me. And it works, the console detects it as headset. But yes, looks like audio locked at ~50% max and you can control the level of it from mobile app. Only turning on and off.


Razer should allow us to control the volume level independently of the console.

Hello, Razer Leviathan v2 pro is only work on PC. I can’t connect  Leviathan v2 pro to PS5 with the usb-c to usb or bluetooth not supported. Is there any ways to make it work?


I can't connect my sound bar to the RAZER Sound app, I have tried with 3 different cell phones, all 3 connect fine with Bluetooth and I can play music but the app does NOT detect my bar. any suggestions.
How can I connect my Leviathan with my PS5

Thank you.

Can anyone confirm this works? 

Si funciona

Just connected cable usb type-c to ps5. It was detected as “headphones usb (razer leviathan v2 x)”. Works well.

Its not working for me.. im using razer leviathan pro i dont see a way to connect to my ps5. Anyone can help? Thanks