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How to make your gaming setup complete

  • 4 January 2020
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Hello gamers,

You probably think that you know everything to make your gaming setup a guaranteed succes. I personaly like RGB allot, I acctually have some RGB in my setup. A tip is to not have to much RGB and that the light of the RGB doesn't shine in your derection, if you have RGB you probably like to play in the dark. If the light of the RGB shines to the direction of your eyes it can give you hurting eyes.

Me personaly, Having a RGB keyboard and mouse. everybody knows that having RGB on your keyboard is a great touch. But i am having a problem with RGB mouses, when you are gaming you are bocking the RGB. What if developers dont put the RGB on the top but at places where you dont cover the mouse up.

Razer is fantastic in the RGB section, there mouses and keyboards are having great RGB and those effects, they are fire. You probaly want to know my equipment. Il tell you, I have a ledstrip at a special angle at my desk. The angle helps with the derection of the light, it looks fanstatic. I have a speaker system installed with some RGB details. The mouse that I am using is a wirelless mouse, I know delay but a razer mouse doesn't have allot of delay, the RGB is on the top though( Razer viper ultimate). But everything for the looks, having no cables everywhere is a nightmare. I really like soft mouse mats, its without RGB but i am looking for an upgrade. I have a razer keyboard, the razer cyanosa chroma, it is great but it is not michanchal.

I would like to hear your guys setups below, impress me and have a great day.

*I put a pole below I would like to know your guys opinions.

What is your favoutite RGB item

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