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Posting Guidelines and House Rules

  • 22 February 2023
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Posting guidelines


Here are some general tips to posting on Razer Insider. A good post is quicker to work with and deserves a good reply. Have a look:

  • Refrain from posting profane, defamatory, offensive, obscene or violent comments.
  • Keep posts on topic by making sure posts are labelled with the most appropriate category. Make use of our search function to see if there are already some good threads on the subject.
  • Avoid posting or creating fluff/meaningless threads - if you are caught with this with the clear intention of bringing up your post counts, you will be penalized.
  • Make your posts easy to read. Be descriptive, avoid excessive punctuation and go easy on the caps-lock button.
  • Refrain from unnecessary URLs. While you’re welcome to post a URL if it is relevant to the topic, posts with excessive URLs will be removed.
  • Be kind to newbies – we have to start somewhere, and we were all new once.
  • Give a like to good behavior – encourage and recognize users for their help, effort and good work.

Please read up on our House Rules below and help make this a welcoming environment for all.


House Rules


Welcome to Razer Insider

The official Razer Insider community forum, (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “Forums”, “Razer”, “Razer Insider”) provides a place to discuss anything related to the Razer Brand, our products, services and news. As a channel for gamers, by gamers, we welcome fans to talk about anything related to games and gaming - all to provide a quality and entertaining environment for our fans. Please go through our House Rules and keep them in mind whenever you participate.

As fellow gamers, we understand that we are often passionate about the topic of gaming and technology. There will be strongly opinionated discussions and we would like all our users to keep it civil and constructive. To maintain a positive vibe and to create a welcoming environment for gamers of all ages, race, religion and gender, all posts are subject to moderation by our appointed moderators.

Razer reserves the right to remove any posts that do not adhere to the House Rules and block anyone who violates them repeatedly. These house rules must be followed at all times.

The House Rules are subject to change at any time and while we’ll do our utmost in informing you when these changes do occur, we would recommend revisiting the House Rules on a regular basis.


Off Limit Topics or Replies

  • Do not post any topics / replies containing the following:
  • Profane, defamatory, offensive, obscene/pornographic or violent content meant to harass, threaten, attack or abuse others.
  • Discriminatory remarks toward another person’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or political beliefs.
  • Posts typed in all-capitalization.
  • Untrue, sensationalized/exaggerated posts with the intent to mislead readers.
  • Posts that are equivalent to begging (for free items) outside of authorized giveaways are not allowed.
  • Intentional misspellings (e.g., fcuk) or attempts to bypass (e.g., www[dot]pornlink[dot]com) filters will not be allowed. Keep it classy.

NOTE: The above-listed will also apply to usernames. Additionally, attempts to create usernames to impersonate Razer staff is strictly prohibited (e.g., Razer|yourname).


Relating to Spam

Do not post short meaningless replies that do not contribute to the discussion in a meaningful manner with the intent of bringing up your post count. Examples of low-quality posts: "hello", "yeah", "lol." If you find the post agreeable, you may contribute either constructively through a well thought out reply or ‘like’ the post.

Continuously bringing up the same topic in numerous different threads or as an off-topic post to seek attention is not allowed (e.g. ‘/signed’, ‘bump’). This is applies to double-posting, please ensure you consolidate your comments and not string a bunch of short replies immediately after your initial post.

Hijacking posts to change the subject of discussion is not allowed. Likewise, for the digging/necro-posting of threads. Do a search for the topic before posting.

You can create a new thread if the last relevant thread is more than 1 month old.

Spam also includes posts containing unrelated advertisements and links to potentially malicious content. Do not post direct links to files that may contain harmful content that could potentially damage the operation of another individual’s computing and/or mobile devices.


Non-constructive/Hate Posting

We do not allow posts that deliberately disrupt conversations, i.e., long-winded, redundant, angry and argumentative comments meant to derail the topic of discussion. Do present your feedback in a clear and concise manner and avoid going off on a tangent.

Posts that are intentionally rude or insulting will not be tolerated and will be deleted regardless of how valid the ideas behind them are. We encourage users to share their constructive thoughts, positive or negative provided it is presented in a civil and factual manner.

Speculation, especially when it is negative and untrue, tend to incite flaming and trolling – if an issue deserves an official word, it will be communicated. Baseless speculation and the encouraging of such conversations are prohibited.

Non-constructive posting can also include threads that are created demanding specific answers/dates/results that exclude public participation e.g., “When are winners announced?” “When is Feature X arriving?” Outside from official Razer staff communications, there is no way for the public to contribute to these non-constructive and speculative conversations in a meaningful manner. Such threads will be moderated accordingly.

Refrain from creating targeted conversations of spreading of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Sharing an unhappy experience is one thing, spearheading a campaign to stir up negative emotions in an attempt to disparage the brand will not be tolerated.


Unauthorized Self-promotion and Commercial Solicitation

We aim to keep our forums clean, therefore self-promotion will be subject to moderation. Examples of self-promotion are (but not limited to) posting of links to one’s own sale/trade listings or giving away free files or sharing of links or content with explicit callouts to one’s own social channels.

For distinction purposes, it is fine if you post a video of yourself reviewing a Razer product, it will not be acceptable if you make an appeal to subscribe to your channel.

Promotional content will be reserved and allowed for official Razer partners.

Referral links and unauthorized link shorteners are prohibited.


Intellectual Property

Posts that potentially violate any intellectual property, privacy and third-party rights are prohibited. This will include information relating to confidential or proprietary business information.

You are not allowed to create posts with the intent to stalk an individual or collect private information without disclosure.


Illegal Activities and Exploits

Posts that encourage exploitation (e.g., public posting of loopholes, scripts/methods to exploit or abuse the Razer websites, Insider and software) are not allowed – neither are posts encouraging software/hardware piracy.


Promotion of Competitors

As an official Community Platform owned and operated by Razer, explicit promotion of competitor products is prohibited.


Profile images

Images used in user profiles should be considered an extension of a user's posted content. If the profile image is in violation of the House Rules, users may be asked to change their image and may have their accounts locked until they have complied with the change request.


Reaching out to Support

Razer Insider’s support forum is a community driven forum to discuss technical issues with other Razer product owners, first. Although Razer support staff will monitor the support forum and do their best to address your concerns, posting in the support forum does not guarantee that your issue will be addressed. If the support forum is unable to provide assistance through community support or as a result of a search for a similar problem, please visit

Please keep in mind that community support may solve a couple of product issues or offer temporary work arounds, but these remedies may not be the proper or permanent solution to your problem. It is important to keep all posts on topic. This includes technical issues, advice, and discussion of said technical issues.

Search to see if your issue has already been addressed in a similar thread. If a similar issue cannot be found, create your own post with a clear subject line that summarizes your issue. Support posts with subjects that do not indicate that actual issue you are experiencing, such as, “Help me please!” or “This thing sucks” may result in a further delay with any assistance.

Hijacking someone else’s support thread with the intent of bringing attention to your own will result in your issue being ignored.

Technical issues can be a cause of great grief and while we understand the emotional toil it can take, abusive, obnoxious and rude posts do nothing to help your concerns or the community.

It is our goal for the support forum to be a place of community assisted aid, self-trouble shooting and accessible answers. All House Rules apply, please be kind and respectful to other community members and our support staff when they come to your aid.


Respecting the House Rules and Moderator Actions

Razer Insider is governed by the abovementioned House Rules and administrators and moderators are entrusted with the relevant abilities to ensure the smooth running of Insider. Moderator actions, from post removal, post editing and the issuing of warnings and bans will be meted out on a case-by-case basis.

Private communication between Razer Staff and forum users are not to be made public on these forums or by any other venue at any time. Threads that are designed to appeal or contest a banning or moderator action will be removed. If you have questions regarding a post or thread that has been removed, reach out directly to our administrators and moderators to resolve this.

Using Razer Insider or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing or inciting any form of movement, in particularly legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited.



Besides the aforementioned list of violations that warrant moderator action, threads may also be closed when:

  • It has run its course. (i.e., very old and have repeating themes)
  • Degraded into posts of non-constructive arguments.
  • Threads require excessive amounts of moderation to bring it into compliance.

All comments, visuals, videos and other type of material posted by fans on the Razer Insider forums do not necessarily reflect the opinions and ideals of Razer, its employees or its affiliates. Razer does not represent or warrant the accuracy of statements or product claims made by fans.

If you are unsure of the House Rules, or have seen any offending activity, please feel free to reach out to our Channel Moderators or use the post report function.

Thank you.

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