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Mobile setups

  • 18 June 2023
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Post your mobile setups here!



Has to fit in a backpack and feature at least the essentials for a setup,

Has to have at least 2 external peripherals,

Has to include a screen, keyboard, mouse, webcam, mic, headphones, and cases for those,

Has to list specs in post,

Has to include picture of it inside a backpack.

The point is to make it as functional and practical as possible and fit as much stuff as possible.

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Here is an example (and my current submission)


MacBook pro 13 inch m2,

Main keyboard: Drop alt with glorious pandas (lubed), foam mod, tape mod, o rings, and steelseries prysmcaps,

Main mic: HyperX Quadcast S,

Main mouse: Razer Viper V2 pro,

Spare mouse: Alienware 610m,

Tools: 6 different screw drivers, 3 keycap pullers, 2 switch pullers, lube brush, krytox lube, and a switch opener,

Cables and adapters: one usb C cable for keyboard, Usb C to Usb for mic, Usb C to Usb hub, Viper v2 cable, and spare usb C to usb adapter,

Headphones: Airpod pro 2s (I just got my Razer Nari ultimate today),

Wrist rest: Razer huntsman v2 wrist rest,

Spare switches: Lubed glorious pandas,