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Extremely dissapointed with Razer Kiyo Pro

  • 22 January 2022
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I have 3 webcams at home: Logitech, Microsoft and the Kiyo Pro that I got this past week.
And the Kiyo is the ONLY one that, sometimes, disappears on me. Or tell me that "it is already in use by another application".
I searched everywhere for a solution.
The driver and software (Synapse) is so poor, slow, and really bad.
I will try for a few more days or this baby is going back.

Today I was doing my Zoom conference and the camera quit on me.
I Got my Logitech back there and it was great. Image quality is not as good, but solid operation.

And yes, I already uninstalled and reinstalled Synapse, upgraded firmware, all that jazz (I'm a system operator, computer science major, very comfortable with these things) but this camera is still refusing to work.

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I have the Pro also and it works fine on my desktop but it does give me some grief on the laptop, it seems to have problems getting recognized after the laptop is closed/sleep/hibernate. Usually a PC restart fixes it though and I've never had mine cut out while using it so you must be having a different problem. Hopefully someone else knows.