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Ripsaw HD not displaying in Streamlabs OBS

  • 29 March 2021
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I just recently upgraded to the new Asus G14 from an Acer Swift 3. After messing around with a lot of settings I got it to work on the old laptop. but as soon as I switched to my new one I get no sound and no video. and occasionally it wont even show the capture card in streamlabs. For something that is suppose to be plug in play it definitely is more than a hassle. I've looked everywhere online to fix the problem as this is messing with my income as a content creator. If i cant find a fix soon or Razer fixes the problem I'll probably just end up buying a different capture card with less issues. also i am trying to capture from a xbox series x and my xbox one. neither one would show in streamlabs. so i believe its either a ripsaw issue as its not the first time I'm dealing with this. or its a streamlabs issue but i doubt that since other clients like obs have the same issue.

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