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Stargazer - Erased from history

  • 17 June 2019
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What happened to support for Stargazer. It appears to have been completely scrubbed from your website. And I see that Intel has dropped all support for the hardware it's based on. I was excited to buy one and did in good faith that it was supported. I spent $200 on a camera and should have chosen another.

I worked w/Support to try to get it to work and it was a waste of money.


This is very disappointing as I have always loved Razer products. I have a naga trinity, orbweaver, Blackwidow keyboard.

What recourse are you offering the people who bought one? Is this a 'we'll make it right' or a 'sorry you got burned' situation?

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Yeah this totally sucks. I was looking into the Stargazer as a way to get windows hello support on my desktop but was waiting to see if support for it would pick up. I guess i'll have to find another option.