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Using Razer Ripsaw from my Laptop to a Seperate PC

  • 5 August 2020
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I am thinking of getting the Razer Ripsaw HD Game Capture Card and set up like this:

  • Plug HDMI out from Laptop in to Razer Ripsaw HDMI input
  • Plug my headphones into the Razer Ripsaw
  • Plug the Razer Ripsaw HDMI output into my 1440p 144hz Monitor
  • Plug the Razer Ripsaw USB into a PC dedicated to streaming

My questions are -

  • Will the Razer Ripsaw do 1440p 144hz Pass through ok?
  • Will I hear gameplay and be able to talk on my mic plugged into the Razer Ripsaw? (Discord on the gaming pc) Or, do I leave headset plugged into laptop and use some software to mirror sounds between headset and the HDMI output?

Note I don't use laptop screen at all it is always turned off.

Reason I am looking into a device like the Razer Ripsaw is because at the moment I am streaming WoW off my laptop but it kills my FPS in game a bit. Want a solution where I offload streaming to my spare PC.

Thanks in advance to any advice you can provide!

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1 Reply

Still looking for some help on this if anyone knows!