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WildCat Controller - Replacement USB Cable Alternatives (May Also Work For Wolverine/Raiju)

  • 11 December 2018
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A lot of us, have either lost the original cable or broke it. I've come up with a few solutions that I thought I'd share.

Option 1: Modify a cable, by making it thinner and allowing the proper clearance to fit in. Two cables I have successfully modded are an Oem Xbox One cable, and a cable from my Asus Nexus 7 tablet.

Option 2: Find a thin cable, that has enough clearance to just fit in there. I found success with a "RavPower" cable.

Option 3: Contact Razer Support (DO NOT USE THE CHAT ONE, its horrible), and ask them nicely to send a replacement. I was able to pull this off, where they sent me a replacement free of charge. This means may require proof of purchase of course.

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Original Cable next to the WildCat controller. Observe the notches in the cable and groove below micro usb connector ... and then observe the cable port on the controller where it accepts the notch:

(notches circled in red, and the groove under micro usb connector)

When inserting the original cable, it fits like a glove:

Xbox one cable vs Razer cable, notice the THICK plastic squared area around the micro usb connector. This will cause issues when attempting to plug into a razer controller for obvious reasons:

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(disclaimer, its not pretty)

Here are 2 examples of modded cables where I cut the thick plastic around the micro usb connector. They now squeeze right into the Razer controller with no fuss and function 100%:


If you can find a thin cable to begin with, no modding necessary and IMO the best path.

(I LOVE this RavPower cable to death, its my go-to travel cable/perfect length for a Razer Blade laptop)
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can any raiju and/or wolverine owners chime in .... if the cables are the same as a wildcat?