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WOLVERINE V2 PRO | Connect. Control. Conquer.

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That sticker under the 🎮 😕 😱
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Definitely some great perks coming in with this version of the Wolverine V2. Most notably, PlayStation fans are celebrating finally. Being a wireless version is a huge plus, especially since the wire on the original V2 was reminiscent of the older, cheaper wires of Xbox controllers in the 2000s and 2010s. The V2 Chroma had a better detachable wire, but it still had to be wired to be used, so a truly wireless option is great to see. Chroma is nice as usual, can't go wrong there. Kept a lot of good traits of the other V2 versions, and the app control is real nice IMO.

That said, the glaring issue of it being a whopping $100 more than the V2 Chroma will keep a substantial chunk of people from buying this new one, although I suppose that helps incentivize some of them to seek the other V2 options anyways. The black and white color scheme is nice for the PS5 theme, but I'm sure some people out there miss having an all-black option.

For what it adds, I think at least a good portion of Razer enthusiasts will consider this one a W, despite the huge price, though some hardcore controller enthusiasts will have something to say about it. Either way, it's definitely a good next step, and I'm glad to see PlayStation get some rep in the controller side of Razer's marketing.