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[LOOT] Neverwinter: Demonweb Pits - Epic Collar Choice Pack

  • 24 July 2023
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[LOOT] Neverwinter: Demonweb Pits - Epic Collar Choice Pack
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Hey Insiders!

Neverwinter is back with their newest update! Dare you enter the Demonweb Pits and challenge Lolth herself, Insiders? If so, the time is now! Our friends at Neverwinter are gifting our community with an Epic Collar Choice Pack.

Click here to pick up your Epic Collar Choice Pack!


This latest module has adventurers challenge the spider-goddess of the drow, Lolth, to drive Lolth out of the Material Plane and save the city of Menzoberranzan once and for all. You’ll be able to explore a new adventure zone, Narbondellyn, that opens the grounds of House Fey-Branch. Can you help this noble House build the Realm Engine and put a stop to Gromph Baenre’s plans?

As a bonus, for every 20 comments we get, we’ll be giving out a random Razer Silver reward worth 2500 Razer Silver.

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<3 <3 <3

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yo let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Love this game and can’t wait to see what santa brings us this year @p

Every 20 comment... Interesting which number I got 

Explore the latest update in Neverwinter and face the challenge of the Demonweb Pits against Lolth. Don't miss out on the Epic Collar Choice Pack gifted to the community by Neverwinter. Now's the time to embark on this epic adventure!