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Basilik Ultimate Light

  • 21 December 2019
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Hi everyone !
I'm using the new Basilik Ultimate, and it's really awesome !
I just have one question : when I use the charging dock with the mouse on it, how can I shut down the light on the mouse when it's fully charged ?
Cos it always stays on, and keeps me awake at nights with its bright green light
I've looked into different Synapse options but nothing seems to work...
Thanks !

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4 Replies

I just got one as well! I am wondering how long the first charge typically takes. It has been charging on the dock all night and into the afternoon and the lights on the mouse are green but still "breathing" (the lights on the base are cycling colors). When I turn the mouse on to use it cycles colors as well.
Well, that's weird, the first charge usually takes about 3 to 4 hours, after that your light should be green but not breathing anymore, it should be still, and the light on the base should be the same ... which is kinda annoying me as it doesn't turn off once it's fully charged :mad_:
I also have the same issue. What I do is, any nights that I do not play any games, i used my old Lancehead mouse while charging the Basilisk Ultimate, then remove it from the dock before going to sleep.
Hopefully Razer will come up with some firmware/software update that will tell the mouse to turn off it's lights after fully charged.
Yes, I hope so too !
Besides, it should be possible, as when my PC is on and the mouse is charging, after a while the light does turn off, I've configured that in the Synapse options ... it's only when the PC is off and the mouse is charging that we can't turn this annoying green light off 😉