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Blackshark V2 X Case

I have had my Blackshark v2  X headphone for a while, but now that I am moving around more I want to get a headphone case, but after a lot of searching I haven’t been able to find anything. The main problem is that because the microphone is not removable it cannot fit into any kind of case. Also as I have heard that moving the location of the microphone too much will make it loosen, if possible it would be best if there was a case where the microphone would not need to be coiled up. Any ideas?

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Look for a customizable hard case with foam inserts. These cases allow you to shape the foam to fit your headphone and microphone without putting pressure on the microphone. Pelican cases, for example, offer customizable foam inserts that can be tailored to your specific needs.

where is a activation code in the blackshark v2 x please


I have Blackshark V2 X Case and i am using it since i buy my headphone and i don’t think to replace this as it works fine for me. If you need any assistance in web designing then you can contact me