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Do Opto Mechanical linear feel better to Cherry red

  • 22 October 2019
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I know Opto Mechanical is 5g lighter, has a bar for stability, and faster response (not that it matters to how it feels) reverse phone lookup nba reddit

I just keep seeing youtube videos that compare the speeds of razer vs normal cherry, but no one ever talks about one feeling better than the other, if anyone owns a huntsman what do you think feels better? I'm really considering the hunstman TE instead of something like a corsair k65

also wrist rest doesnt matter to me at all because I have G513 and will use the nice wrist rest, I just hate the key switches feel and the keycaps the thing that attaches to the switch breaks and bends so easy pcpartpicker

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2 Replies

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I think the best for you will be go to local store i see your self keybords have cutout for arrow keys so you can press it and see your self without taking device from box. Fror red you can use corsair keybrds they are popular and you find in any store without issue.
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Opto-Mechanical switches feel awesome on the Huntsman Elite, thanks to the great stabilizer bars on every single key cap, feels like every keystroke is 1:1 from one letter to another! :big_grin_:

I would stick with the Huntsman Elite if you want that experience.