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Earning Silver on Insider

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Great guide for new comers. I remember the first time a thread like this was made, cleared up a lot of questions that people kept posting as new threads.

Agreed I wasn't diligent enough to even collect rewards from all the Trophies I obtained. I got some but others I must have had an extreme adhd moment when a squirrel walked by cause I let a few expire. It sucks a lot to know there where rewards you qualified for, but missed. There are some people that on similar programs would be upset they expire, but it was 100% my fault and taking accountability for not paying enough attention is the motivator that will make sure I wont do it again.

This list has a lot that I can still benefit from though so my appreciation to the OP!
The guide was helpful thanks all
please like im new and my first post for razer silver I wouldreally appreciate it ❤
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I find this useful information just today. Why couldn't I find this?
Anyway, it's very important.
Very helpful but I still find some that needs some fixing.
Are there other ways to just earn 1 or 2 points? im trying to get exactly 107 points.
am i the only one having trouble with some trophies? I can't on razer devices. I have the razer keyboard and mouse
how2 follow CEO
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am i the only one having trouble with some trophies? I can't on razer devices. I have the razer keyboard and mouse

Yeah you might have to message a Vanguard. I sent a message to Dekades and next time I logged on I'd received the rewards!
cool. silver is nice lol
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some of the older ones broke over time, or had no use anymore.
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Thank you for sharing, appreciated it.
Thank you , is there any guide for razer cortex on android
This reply really deserves likes and replies....(Make it happen)
Nice guide it's really helpfull
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this si so usefull

(add) thanks helps me out a lot
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How do i prove Brick and mortar and also some of my achievements are not activating.
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Can I Get the ability to post a photo unlocked? Cause I can't post photos.
A big help for a newbie like me! thank you so much!
I am new to razer insider and i just read this thread. It already help me understand more about the rewards system. Thank you for that.
Razer silver is over powered!!!
Good guide #newcomers Thanks!
Very helpful, thanks!
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They are working.

Then how do you get them? I've talked to Jenjar and he confirmed they are in fact broken.