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Earning Silver on Insider

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Thanks. Really helpfull:smile_:
This is really helpful!! Thank you @Jenjar for all you do
For some reason some things can not register automatically, and other achievements require manual activation (such as Meeting VIP's, Offline Events, etc..).
If you (or anyone) has an issue with an achievement being broken or not registering, feel free to send any Vanguard a PM and we can sort it out 😉.

yo wasssup
Great guide, thank you
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Excellent guide!
I wonder what's the best free way to earn razer silver?
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Gr8 info people try it all
Thank you for this guide, really nice to help me get started 🙂
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Thanks for the guide, this will be a great help for a newbie like me. Will definitely look for this one. Fighting!
I'm just new here and the fact that the instructions are clear i'm confident about getting those achievements done and get my trophies. Kinda sad though because of the bugs that are not fix yet.
Good guide for new comers to this community. Razer doing great so far! :wink_:👌
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Nice guide, thanks.
Wow, this was really helpful! Grinding for 10000 as fast as I can
Thanks for helping 🙂
im new and it was really helpful
i swear i have a razer mouse but i dont get the achievement
well thanks for this
Thanks for this post, very enlightening.
Where to post?
Just got it, I need to comment. Thanks for the post.
does anyone know how to get this throphy?
Hoist the Colors
Show your Razer Chroma colors
thanks for the guide! very helpful
Nicely done !
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Thank you for the thread
Nice thread, very informative