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Galaxy Razer collection

  • 22 February 2019
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i was thinking sense you guys made the quest for quartz and the mercury family, maybe that could be a galaxy set of gaming products. like a galaxy mouse, keyboard, laptop, desktop, headset, base station, mic, mouse pad, and phone or phone case. purple stared gaming products would cool for a galaxy theme setup.

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6 Replies

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Just want to understand what you're talking about. Basically all black with purple stars everywhere?
They once had the chameleon green on the diamondback which is pretty cool.

PT.Singer i mean like this.
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That's what Chroma is for!
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That's what Chroma is for!

In this photo is missing only little star sticker on mouse ^^ and Galaxy phone next to mouse.
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Cool! I like galaxy stuff... maybe glow in the dark stars? Or shiny coating?