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How power-hungry are Chroma effects?

  • 13 August 2019
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On a Razer laptop?
Does the power drain change depending on whether you're using static or big flashy effects, like wheel?
How much do you save by switching from 100% brightness to 50%?

I wish there was official data on this, ways to know for sure.

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More brightness more power device need to give you bright light, on effects it depends if you have more then one device this can take little more to sync everything together. For how mouch it take power every device is diffrent of motherboard, chipset, powerbrick/pasu you have. If you want more spefific info it will be great if you write what you use, what devices you have and on what chroma settings/effects you set them.
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Thanks for your reply! I'm using the Blade Stealth 2019.
I'm mostly using static at 60% brightness, but I'd like to have "spectrum cycling" or "wheel". Too afraid of the effects on battery to dare though.
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Effects in general font short a high number of battery life but on synapse you have full control over it. You can set wheel and lower the brightness and set when battery reach the x% of battery lights will turn off also you can set idle time when you dont use your laptop with few minutes lights turn off to save power on battery. So you have many ways to save it :)

I forget about windows 😛 On windows control panel in battery section you can enable when the battery reach 20% laptop go ingo saving mode this will lower the performance and give you extra time for browsing the web, watch move or photos it's enaugh ^^