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Keyboard cleaner

  • 14 November 2019
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My razer keyboard is abit old now, and it got very dirty. So my question is: Does anyone know if razer sells something to clean your keyboard, or can you recommend?

(Need to be en EU, so i can buy i xD)

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4 Replies

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I suggest removing your keycaps and cleaning with a cloth.
Can I use any keyboard cover?
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Isopropyl alcohol - dedicated for cleaning electronic parts, and it's not harmful (if you cleaning the PCB of the keyboard). And as @xARACHN1D said - remove your keycaps and clean it with a wet cloth.
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On most shops with electonic you can buy LCD wipes they work great with cleaning plastic, metal, screen they dont demage the device and fast oxudize so you can without any worry use it 😛