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Long time custmer with order on 5000 euro threat like moron by EU order support

  • 18 August 2022
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Becose i wanted to solve my issue in pacefull way but first order support then VIP respond team threat me like a moron i will write here.
Ny old razer blade 15 demage battery get on fire so wante to purchuase a new blade. Why Blade laptop beose for years i buy high-end razer gear keybords, mouses, lightstrip, glasses and more everything is from high praice and ordered direct from razer.com shop. Before make the new purchuase for blade 17 ask order support via ticket asked about tqo important for me things that may or not stop me from making order in razer.com shop first question was avalibility of Blade 17 with i9 and 3080ti model becose it was out of stock then and second question was razercare can be purchuase as seperate service for laptop ordered by me and razercare ordered in UK by my close family. So few order support employes confirm that yes you can purchuase the razercare tthere will be no issues ! Sldo on razercare website there is nothing about any EU restrictions. Order was made laptop arrive few days later and try to purchuase a razercare by my aunt in UK and the order was not possible so contact again a order support and tell them there is something wrong becose purchuase cant be made, Answear from the order support was clear mayby there is some king kind issue but nothing change so ask again the same question some emploe who write me the razercare can be purchuase send the message to internal team with questio what happend and few days later recived message that razercare in EU cant be purchuase as seperate service ! From me there was clear question what now becose i was misslead and on the website of razer care there nothing about this and recived information that i have limited warranty *1year what next after that). This kind of messages was few times write order support for next few days and one of them dont even take time to read the ticket and write me you can buy without prolem razercare in UK store(riducules). I get angry to write clear message that i will forward the case to Consumer Ombudsman if my case will be dont forward to internal team with can solve/find solution to avoid that and find peacefull way to both sides are happy i write also this few times. So the case take VIP respond team and recived message that my case is forwarted to internal team after few days recived mesage that razercare is not avalible as seperate purchuase and they are sorry nothing more like apolegize for missed emploes lies. Next message from me was that iorder support misslead e and provide me wrong iformation also on the website there is nothing there is any restriction in EU for razercare and recived few minutes later message from VIP respond that this website talk about NA razercare what is a joke becose the region was set to United Kingdon and there was nothing about US on entire website the only thing where US is written is countrys where the service is avalible.
I was threted by EU erazer employes like moron, trash and ignored any respect any thoudts to resolve this problem On entire live one comapny do simmular thing it was ASUS and for 15 years dont buy from them anything. If someone want to order from EU store DONT DO IT for sure there work people who have you deep in ass.

I hope someone from US razer will read this message and help me becose as long time coustmer, and member of the forum i deserve a help with this problem.

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