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My story

  • 17 September 2019
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My name is Josh and I was 17 turning 18 when I officially got into PC gaming. My brother came home from the military of 20 years and decided to spoil everyone. I told him how I’ve always wanted a gaming PC because all of my friends had nice PC’s and I was wanted to enjoy gaming with them. My brother decided to go a little over board, he got me a Alienware Area 51 PC, fully speced out. 3 GTX 980’s (this is when they dropped) i7, 32gb of ram. I didn’t know what to do with myself. He told me to pick out a nice keyboard and headset and that he had a mouse for me to use, I chose all Razer gear, and he gave me a razer mouse. It was mind blowing! I felt the need to learn everything in my car since he went all out for me. I now know how to take the beast apart and throw it all back together as if nothing even happened. I really appreciate the gear that razer has to offer. Sadly the mouse died after 7 years of use (he gave me his old razer mouse) but everything else is still going strong, I’m 22! Thank you razer.

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1 Reply

You are lucky to have such a supported brother. It is key to have proper gaming equipment available in this age to continue your love for gaming. At times, the unavailability of proper setup make you disappointed and dishearted and usually such people leave their gaming crazy and love. I am also fortunate that my dad provided me razer mouse and other amazing gaming accessories at the right age.