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Ordered a Brand New Razer 15 2070 but...

  • 24 October 2019
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Hello All,
I know this is my first post and all but had to rant a little.
Placed an order on Friday, received it on Tuesday! Fast shipping, that's the good part.
Now the bad part, my order was for Razer 15 Advanced RTX 2070 max q 240hz. when I first turned it on and set everything up I noticed that something was off with the display. So I kept trying to go to the NVidia control panel but kept getting the no nvidia graphics card detected. Tried to install a new driver but kept getting an error that said that the software did not support the graphics card. Finally got into a chat with customer service and went through the same process that I did. Sent them a screen shot of the current graphics card and they finally said they will send a replacement because of a faulty GPU. My question is, are they sending me a refurbished laptop or a brand new one? I really don't want a refurbished laptop, kind of freaking out since this is a brand new laptop. And apparently the down time is 1 week?! Should I just get a refund?
I’m probably posting in the wrong section but thought I could start on the general

edit. Now that I’m reading these horror stories about people’s screens blanking out I am kind of freaking out now. And seeing that others are only using 25% of the actual laptop’s performance. What’s the point on turning the refresh down to 60 when I bought it to perform at 240?

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Blanking out screen with keyboard light on may caused by motherboard, display cable, cpu (most Blade internal controlled by igpu), gpu defect. I rejected new Razer Blade before due Fans issue and got new replacement, I heard some got refurbished though but I think it’s on old unit replacement because maybe they don’t produce that unit anymore, I even saw on that case users getting newer version of Blade. It may be vary depends the cases and CS. Hope you’ll get new unit.
Using not 100% performance maybe due thermal and unit longevity, for some users like me I prefer having lower thermal, heat may wearing the parts inside faster, however I never set refresh rate to 60Hz since it’s downgrade to me for having 144Hz Panel, but again some user may limit the FPS due thermal reasons, I usually limit the thermal by using Synapse balance mode (cpu tdp limitation) and cpu undervolting only, it’s roughly maybe up to 5 FPS lower performance on my titles but around 10 degrees cpu thermal improvement. So at the end of the day it depends on you, rocking the Blade at full performance or limiting it for better thermal. The important one imo in gaming laptops (especially thin light one) is to monitoring the thermal.