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Will Razer re-release the power bank? Cannot find one anywhere.

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i hope so, but i dont know if they are going too 😔
I really hope they do. Is there a place where you can request such things at Razer?
you could try send them a mail and request it
Ah yeah, ok, thanks for the suggestion :)

You can go to re-seller requests, which is under contact us link but when you click on page it's all in another language and there doesn't seem to be an option to change language! Lol. What the...?
Wich language does it look like?
German, or something similar. I've changed to several regions but the language stays the same. Strange ??
yes, so not norwegian? i could have translated it then try google it and see if it comes up a english/ your laguage if you are from another country. If not you may need to report this mistake
I have just signed in and it is now english! Thanks for your messages. I will let you know if they reply to my request
I am glad i could help you
Message sent, I'll let you know 🙂