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Razer Audio EQ Causes Crackling

I have the Nari Ultimate and I have been experiencing crackling in my audio when I have my volume at around halfway, it isn't anything crazy, but it is noticeable at all volumes. Turns out nothing was wrong with the hardware but instead the EQ. I have it on the preset "Game" and was just posting this hoping you guys could fix this.

The easiest way to replicate it is to listen to Flashing Lights by Kanye West, at around half volume with the EQ setting on "Game".

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Hey, there I'm having the same exact issue! Crackling in pretty much every song and every video. Really disappointing at this point since it cost nearly 200CAD for the Nari Wireless. I came from a plug-and-play wireless mPow headset which gave crystal clear audio without any issue. Reinstalled Synapse 6 times which included issues where it wouldn't open at all!! At times when I want to listen to music and relax it just crackles every time and is so annoying. Like sheesh, what kinda faulty products do Razer sell? I'm new to Razer products and not satisfied.

Any EQ setting for me, I hear it crackle, hopefully, ima just get the Virtuoso and yeet this in the drawer.
I'm experiencing the same thing with my 1 month old Nari head set .... wtf