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Razer Blackshark V2 Pro hissing noise with sidetone enabled

  • 27 February 2024
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I just grabbed this headset (2023 version) and so far I'm relatively happy, but I'm used to open back headphones so not being able to hear myself is weird, so I enabled sidetone which works well to solve this problem, but it introduces a very noticeable hissing noise unless I lower the sidetone to the point where I can't hear myself. I'm wondering if this is fixable or just the way it is? I have the latest firmware.

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5 Replies

Same here! Sidetone for me is absolutely not usable cause the hiss its generating is super loud. 

I just purchased the razer blackshark v2 2023 and i am experiencing the same issue as well. I hope razer notices this thread and decides to fix this issue. It’s a real let down as one of the reasons that made me purchase the headset was because it has sidetone + a great microphone.

Would be awesome if you guys shared your mic settings on this thread.

This could be due to interference or a firmware issue. Have you tried contacting Razer support for assistance? They might be able to provide troubleshooting steps or find lost children firmware updates to address the issue.

i have bought razer blackshark v2 in may of 2023. had not been noticing any sounds. today noticed some strange background  sound when using a mic. the trick is that it does not exist when using the headset without sound card. as of my random voice records, this buzzing, hissing or whatever existed from 22 march 2024. approximately at this time point. records from 3 march 2024 say that there is no hissing or  buzzing using a mic. or i just can not notice it.

i have been troubleshooting this problem for over a 3 hours now and  spotted this conversation. the most noticeable hissing is when sidetone in synapse is used. the lower level of sidetone - the less hissing goes. at 100 i can clearly hear almost unbearable buzzing. when i push the physical  button on headset to turn off the mic, i can not hear myself obviously, but this hissing persists. this is clearly something not hardware related. i tried using headset with sound card on my phone and have the same issue when using a mic. 
this is rather obscure and mysterious thing. the only thing i can suppose is that some of the razer synapse updates broke the way  mic works. the sound card itself has a memory which is controlled directly from software. as long as you have made a change in synapse - it immediately goes to your sound card  and is memorized. if some piece of software that can break the proper way of device working can sneak into its memory - it can definetly change something. this is the only thing we can assume, guys. 
i hope to get some feedback to my message. maybe you will find some truth in my words and will  ensure that you are not the only person having this issue.

latest razer synapse updated made a lot  more breaks than we can even image. i have seen tons of forum question. some people complained that their pc would not work properly if the sound card is used. so if broken software can even “break” the pc, so why can not it “break” a mic? mystery...

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Hello guys!


Thank you for alerting us about the audio issues you are having. There’s a firmware update available right here. If the issue still persists then you can shoot me a PM along with the serial number of your headset so we can validate it and check for some workarounds along the way.


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