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  • 23 March 2019
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Lot's of gaming community these days are taking initiative to create iPhone and Android apps for it's user so to get much easy and convenient access to the forum. Is Razer team releasing an dedicated app anytime soon? Do we have any official words from the team yet?

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2 Replies

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I don't know if the team has anything planed like that, but I have nothing against the forum. Sure, there are some things that could've been done better, but overall is a good web application.
And what matters the most, it's design is responsive.
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For quite some time yes app that let you acess website on forum was popular but for some time more you will get if website will have mobile www version like insaider have. This give you the same thing as app but the diffrence is you can switch webbrowser very easy just send to other device like reading on phone and send to pc etc.