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Razer Raptor 27 dimensions


Anyone know the dimensions of the foot stand of the a Raptor 27? I am particularly interested in the dimensions of the rectangle area that rests on/connects with the desk/table. I don't have much real estate on that tiny desk of mine and I think it might just about fit, but I don't really want to bet £700 on that :)

Thanks in advance!

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Glad I could help in some capacity. :)

Enjoy your new piece of Chroma delight.
Thanks. That's unfortunate they don't measure the width of the base explicitly but at least the depth fits my desk!

If the drawing is to scale, looks like the base is roughly 60% of the whole width, which would put it at roughly 36cm. I'll take 38cm for my measurements and roll with it. Should be a tight fit!

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I happened to find this: