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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

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I like how "find glory by defending the realm from trollz" sounds 😂
totally agree, what will be of a gamer without games? zsilver is sooo hard to get
Thank you.
Good job! (:
It would be nice if the daily limit of Razer Silver points and the supported game list were increased.
Thank you.
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Definitely gonna support it. Although I do have one question, how do I find the house rules, I don't swear or anything like that, but I just want to know all the rules lol.
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I've been a lurker for some time and finally decided to start contributing. I just wanted to say that I think it's pretty awesome to see how Razer actively interacts with the community and pushes it to be an all inclusive platform and ecosystem. Not many other brands do that. It's great being a part of the cult. 👌 I don't know why I didn't register sooner.
great products i purchased the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, Razer Kraken Ultimate, Razer Firefly V2 and the Blackwidow ELITE today

good job with the packaging its really a great experience unboxing them!
Im new to the RAZER scene and just bought a Deathadder Elite. I'll admit, this mouse is awesome! ill never go back to inferior mice.

Please give me some likes..:wink_:
I already know that but thanks for the info.
Cool post. Thanks.
I agree a "gamer isn't a gamer without his game" and also I agree that a gamer is worth his software.
What counts as a post?