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Razer V2 Chroma Headset Stand - Mac

  • 3 December 2020
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Hi I just purchased a Razer V2 Chroma Headset Stand to go with my Razer Kaira Pro for my Xbox Series X.

I dont do PC Gaming but I want to use the RGB on the headset stand, and only have a Mac.

I just wanted to know how to change the colours without having to use Synapse 3, as Mac is not supported on his. My current operating system is Big Sur.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as otherwhise I have just wasted my money.



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4 Replies

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Unfortunately, I do not think that it is possible to change the colors on the headset stand without the use of Synapse 3.
Do you know whether or not the synapse 2 for mac will work with the new v2 chroma editions
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I don't think it will, since Synapse 2 in general has not supported new devices on any platform in several years now.
I see, so I do have one last question. If I sync my base station to a synapse 3 and moved it to my xbox will the chroma work. Thanking you in advance.