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Suggestion for 2020 razer blade 13

  • 19 January 2020
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Couple things what is annoying/missing in Razer Blade 13” to be best laptop in my opinion:

*Screen have been much bigger, this on the bottom layer where is logo RAZER is to big, time to make thin that what i mean:

*Power supply, why is so not comfortable like Apple have, huawei and other company? Example:

*Keyboard: Someone(most of the people) say that buttom of “Shift” on right side is too small

*SD CARD reader missing

Do you agree with me?

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Stealth to me is best gaming ultrabook in my opinion I’ll try to answer why by try to clearing your down side from that, but on some point I agree with you so I couldn’t vote one:smile_:
Making smaller bezel on bottom means closing display to heatsink areas which’s I believe bad. In order to stay in business a lot manufacturers like Dell, Apple etc have to cater to what people will buy, like no bezel on smartphone, that’s maybe fine for such ultrabooks but not on gaming laptops, and the large frame laptop with adequate cooling isn't popular there apparently - imo it's the only size that makes sense technically to be able to expel the heat and protect the laptops components.
Razer used to make smallest AC Adapter but there was some issues with heat since it was too small, since 2018 they made bigger power brick on 15 compared to its predecessor, and early 2019 stealth traditional slim 65 watt ac adapter had issue to powering proper mx150 model especially on gaming it’ll discharge some battery percentage even on plugged in mode, so for gtx1650 it’ll need bigger capacity, means bigger form factor, of course since it’s usb C port you can charge it with smaller MacBook ac adapter but on intensive hardware usage like gaming etc it’ll empty the battery and you’ve to wait till full charge to use it again, unlike with original 100 watt power brick. There’s apparently smaller form factor ac adapter for this ac adapter class on Kickstarter which’s popular on MBP16 users but not quite sure if it’ll be good since I know small power brick isn’t great for gaming laptops.
About io ports, compared to stealth 2019 Apple give only TB3, current XPS13 I think lack of usb A ports but has as card reader correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not quite familiar with Dell.
For keyboard maybe I must agree with you, I prefer earlier model (~2018) stealth keyboard and old Blade 14 as well, however it’s similar with my Blade 15 so i could get used to.