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[SUPPORT] New Videos Added to Our Support YouTube Channel

  • 23 November 2020
  • 77 replies

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We live in a world where looking up a YouTube video is so much easier. Visit our official Support YouTube for guides to common issues. We also have a thread in Support that lists all the videos with links to the YouTube page.

Like and subscribe our YouTube videos if you like what you see. Leave a helpful comment, say hello or even a helpful tip with your Insider name for a chance at some Silver.

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Newest Videos:

How to fix the Razer Blade when the network adapter is not detected

How to setup Ripsaw HD from attaching cables to setting up OBS

How to fix the Razer Core if the GPU is not detected

How to fix the Razer Blade if it does not turn on immediately after sleep or hibernate

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77 Replies

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