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[TotW] Springtime Speculation

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Happy Spring, everyone! The 6th RazerStore Live will be happening this week! What are you hoping to see or hear more about? In terms of product release calendars, spring is always a good time for product announcements. New peripherals? Systems? Or maybe some other new unexpected product? Regardless, I hope you're looking forward to the event.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to mark your calendars and enter the raffle! Sneki Snek head pillow, I'm looking at you.

Rather than try to take a stab at what will be announced, how about you share what you would really like to hear about. Like and comment with your thoughts for a chance at the weekly "Great" achievement. A few others with well thought out comments may get the "Nice" achievement.

Good Luck!

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I'd love to see more accessories from Razer, like clothes, bags and all sorts of stuff that you can take it with you wherever you go. I'm hoping for a Razer cooler even i don't own a Blade, that'd still be nice to have, oh and the Hazel being stocked too.

Yess love accessories
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