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[TotW] Taking it to the Next Level

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Here’s a million dollar idea: Heated gaming mouse for us gamers in the colder months. Myself and many others would definitely buy one! My daily is the Viper Mini so a heated version of that would be amazing!

Hey, razer really needs to work on the razer kitsune firmware.


There should be a native option for the controller to turn off the trackpad or rather make it act like a regular ps4-ps5 pad.


It would usually work on ps mode, but since the update it has been stuck on xinput mode which disables the trackpad button. Due to it being closer than the share/select button it is much more convenient to use. For tekken it’s basically needed.

If I put it on pc mode the trackpad acting as a mouse makes the controller unusable. How was this allowed though???? I am aware that it is possible to turn it off through lots of windows settings, but that fixes it at home only and not at other peoples houses. The trackpad also acts as a mouse click what what reason? The trackpad is essential for fighting games, if you are going to include it, it should be useable.


The razer panthera works flawlessly on pc and ps5. Saying that the controller isn't endorsed to play on pc is not an excuse when it says pc on the box. Thanks for your time.


I really hope it gets updated. For a controller at this price I expect more.

wow.. it’s amazing

wow.. it’s amazing

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