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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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Also more white gear, please
Also more white gear, please

White Razer gear? BLASPHEMY. haha
I'd like to see an Orbweaver Chroma version... Maybe even with a few adaptive Switchblade UI buttons.
I'd like to see an Orbweaver Chroma version... Maybe even with a few adaptive Switchblade UI buttons.

now THAT would be cool. and hopefully less noisy, lol
Razer Toasters.
A Toaster! J/K Maybe a HOTAS system
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

Would love to see Razer to design a wireless gaming headset for the PC with top notch build and sound quality. Also you could maybe consider revamping the Razer gaming tablet which I think could be of a great game changer to the mobile gaming industry.
-A deathstalker chiclet style keyboard with mechanical keys. That would be the ultimate keyboard ftw;

-Razer PC Towers with green backlit razer logos;

-Razer cooling solutions for graphic cards with backlit razer logos;

-Backlit mouse pads!!!

-Razer monitors with ambient lightning.

P.s.: Chroma is cute, but Razer looks best in black+green combo.
a device that is released on time and is comparable to the flagships in its class and without the usual mark up on the price
I would love to see a dualshock 4. You guys cover the entirety of my desk and I would love to say the same for my console.
I love my Chimera 5.1 and I use it for my PC. The one thing I wish it had was also the capability to use the mic wireless as well. I use the mic on my webcam, but still, I would love to have it as an all-in-one true wireless headset. The controls are allready on it to mute the mic and adjust the volumes...

Please Razer Santa?
Project Christine
Monitors, webcams, chairs, possibly a new smartband and even a smartphone!
I would love to see a a razer chroma mythical legendary epic pc ganeing chair with dual joysticks one for each hand with fully customizable accessories like a car racer attachment and other things for example
Xbox one controller plz ❤
Well you could expand your market by making gamer-related every day things like Monitors, Chairs, Desks, Computer Cases, High Quality Webcams (streaming). Think of a typical gamer's desk, then look at everything that could be replaced with a Razer product.

You could also make an affordable line of robust products. I know it's counter-business, but I read and am told and kind of agree that Razer is slowly becoming a logo and a color on very similar products you can get cheaper. 70$ for an over-ear 2.1 stereo headset is very much "paying for the brand".
An exclusive between DXRacer and Razer maybe? Then again it won't be something new. Actually what I really want to see is a Razer gaming school. It's not exactly a product but it's surely something that we can do for upcoming gamers.
I'd love to see a partnership with Astro Gaming for a razer stylized and maybe updated Astro A40/50.
Razer phone! 😃
Mamba bluetooth.. Will be a perfect combo to use with the razer blade.. I still have to carry my mamba cradle around with my razer blade.. Orochi doesn't cut it when it comes to hard-core gaming on the go..
Alternate clicking button then just on the mouse. Lets say foot clickers or elbow or something else ..
smartphone for gaming and other entertainment. a new line up of Chroma series
1. Freestanding gaming microphone
2. HiRes webcam
3. 24-28 g-sync monitor
4. Flight control system
5. Project Christine
Its will be nice to see gaming cooling pad with green lightning design...
a keyboard/mouse and possible Headset combo to co-inside with GTA V PC release as you did with the SWTOR. the Switchblade UI could be utilized as a MAP Hud for when you are travelling around. that would be pretty sweet. obviously you would need to work with Rockstar games to get it to happen. but since there is GTA online it wouldn't be a one off thing.