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When is a Game, "Just a Game?"

  • 19 February 2020
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Maybe this would apply for like, board games or something more casual

I'm assuming most of us on here, game competitively or have a competitive spirit in general

That said, when is a game just a game? That phrase does not compute for me.... its never ever "just a game"

Unfriend that person, asap!
I agree with ''it's just a game'' I try not to rage or fell too upset about a game but that does not mean I'm giving up and stop improving when I lose it just shows me that there is a lot of room for improvement and then I feel even more motivated to get better
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That phrase makes the difference between a passionate gamer who wants to become better and just the regular type of gamers who quit when they start losing. "It's just a game" is the dumbest excuse ever to not strive to do more. If you enjoy playing games and are having fun while doing it, those words should sound like trash and never exist in your mind. That's all i have to say about it.
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Its so true that its never "just a game", when some throw a statement like that to us while we are enjoying a game and continuing with it.

The statement is a very meaningful for anyone in any industry. Finding what field we are interested/passionate about, becoming good in it by losing, learning and improving in it will take us higher in that field.

Ninja, is one good example for anyone who is into gaming. The way he started off from humble beginnings with the failures and how the perseverance took him where he is now is an awesome story and inspiration that can be chosen by all.
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When you give all from you for the team to win and someone say "It's just a game"...in casual mods i will agree but in competitive mode it's not acceptable in my eyes.
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I srsly feel like this is his excuse for all his angry moments, specifically the part where he goes "if you stop getting angry at losing you've lost twice." I mean its ok to get frustrated at losing, but it's how we handle these feeling of frustration that makes us better gamers. however ninja complains. rants. has freakin RAGE moments. I mean I just came here after watching a "Ninja Rage Compilation Fortnite #3", so maybe im just having sour vibes rn but here's another thing: fortnite is one of the most RNG-dependent games out there. there is a lot of grind you can do on fortnite but to me, the difference between games like R6S, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rocket League and fOrTnIte is how much the player can do with his skill and gamesense. in a battle royale you might or might not have weapon, storm, high ground, mats, and loot advantages. never thought a fortnite streamer famous for his rage compilations would say something like this. aaand now I've written too much