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Why Razer?!

  • 17 September 2019
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Well,growing up around computers and working with them brings you to the point whwre you wwnt more , better and more revolutionary, so i discovered Razer! rgb light , beautiful design, a bit expensive but i mean i would rather pay a bit more and get what's better ! So Razer , keep doimg what you're doing cause you are doing great!

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7 Replies

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Yeah, as a kid i would only hear about Razer as having the high end gear. So when i started making some money, i had to get the best of best peripherals for my setup. And so i ended up having a full Razer suite of things.
i have no other what is razer when i was younger every time i went into gadgets shop i saw green everywhere and i just walk pass it.. but when i try razer earpiece for the very first time after few lousy earpiece i had it was a mind blowing non stop!!! that's how i discover devil for life... ops i meant RAZER FOR LIFE!!
I remember seeing razer mamba wireless and thinking "Damn, this thing is sexy". Years later I got mamba TE, and man it feels good. Also it survived some hard conditions, like hammer drops and desk crashes, still working and looking helluwa good
I am very satisfied with Razer. For more than 10 years I have been using Razer hardware and I have to say I never had any problems.

To be honest, it's not just about the beautiful RGB hardware, I also like collecting accessories, for example: patches, key chains, hats, shirts, ice cubes, silicone coasters, spinners, ...

It was also a lot of fun to visit the Razer AFK event in Berlin 2016. The nice community manager (Stefan "Rechyyy" R.) invited me and my brother there.

And after so many years, the logo with the 3 snakes still keeps me trapped. That's almost indecent :wink_:

in Min we trust ♥️ Razer FG|BG
I love your Razer Turret Accessory For Xbox One! The ergonomics are just perfect...
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I've been using Razer stuff since Year 2000, so almost a full 20yrs in here :cool_:

Sadly I never was able to get ahold of the all-coveted Original OG 2006 DeathAdder 1800dpi Version as it was sold out everywhere in my area :mad_:
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I used to hear about Razer from sometime along with the Alienware brand. And i thought Alienware like WOW and then one fine day got to buy a Razer product which was the Cynosa pro keyboard and deathadder mouse, talk about Love at first sight. Never turned back from there.

Been using and buying/adding Razer peripherals from then onwards. When i think about gaming or computers, there's only Razer for me. Cant put my eyes on any other stuff :smile_: