Are you a fork person, or a spoon person.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by 980133, Nov 3, 2022.


Which will you pick? Spoon, or Fork?... or Knife?

  1. Fork

  2. Spoon

  3. Knife (Idk why you would prefer this.)

  1. 980133

    980133 New Member

    Welcome to the ultimate showdown; Forks vs Spoons. Lets review the contestents;

    On one corner is Fork. This pronged beast of a cutlary piece is used to stab Vegetables, Meat (And Vegan/Vegetarian versions of it), and most else for ease of eating! In fact, its actually fine for rice! You can scoop up rice with it and- if your a madman- Cereal!

    On the other corner is the
    Spoon. A worthy opponent to oppose the Fork. You can use this for pretty much everything, Rice, Cereal, Soup, Meat/Vegan meat, (though not as well as Forks), Vegetables, and much more!

    Which will you pick? Fork, or Spoon!

    Now I may hear you ask; What about knifes?

    And to that I say: Shut the hell up.
  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I'd take a blade... Razer Blade.
  3. 980133

    980133 New Member

    I myself am a fork gang member.

    Also I might do mu have too much free time.

    ore posts so stay tuned if yo

    Oh and we dont talk about Sporks or Splades here. We just dont.

    Bro it like changed my message
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  4. seylen

    seylen New Member

    I always have a knife with me. It can come in handy in any situation. As well as duct tape.
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  5. Davidhelmer89

    Davidhelmer89 Member

    a knife. you can almost use it as a fork, in certain situations and depending how big and the shape a poor poor spoon. OR.... a sharpened spoon, works as a spoon, and a knife, just got to be more careful when eating. but you also forgot the Spork, now I'm not talking about some plastic thing you got in school, I'm talking full metal Spork, baby, ohhhhh yea. you got the staby stab of the food, and the sippy sip of a spoon. but all in all, I would pick a knife. I can use my fingers to pick up food, and whatever the watery food is in to drink from. Knives are just way more fun!:smile_:
  6. opplayz

    opplayz New Member

    None of the above. Here comes the STRAW. You could pick up ANYTHING with it!

    - Drinking liquids (obviously)
    - Picking up food (Picking up food by placing the straw on it, and sucking through the straw to create low air pressure, hence picking up the food)
    - It's stylish
    - It's a conversation-starter
    - It's a straw
  7. 980133

    980133 New Member


    Yall are forgetting something, there is another. Not the Spork, but something deeper... something more sinister...

    The SPLADE!

    kinda amogus so many of you are picking knife... Also sus for the reasons why...
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  8. SwaXi

    SwaXi New Member

    Even if I chose spoon-person. I am severely angry with the spoons provided today. What are these spoons supposed to achieve? They are most commonly flatter than a paper and I don't see how they will fulfill their duty as a cutlery. Idk guys, I get slightly to upset about spoons..
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  9. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    If you pick up food with a straw, you still have to use your hands to put it in your mouth if the straw is your only "cutlery"
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  10. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    I carve spoons for fun, so I must be a spoon person.

    However, the voting options leave out one very important item that most backcountry users would be familiar with: the spork!
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  11. 980133

    980133 New Member

    There can only be one. Spoon or Fork. No neutral parties in this conflict of the century- there can only be one.
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