[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. MonsterEnergyDrinks

    MonsterEnergyDrinks New Member

    hello insiders I'm Monster Energy Drinks lover i just came to communicate with you thank you
  2. Thekelticdragon13

    Thekelticdragon13 New Member

    Hi all Scottie AKA TheKelticDragon here
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  3. takeoverurmemes

    takeoverurmemes Active Member

    The name's Take, it's a name I've gone by for 8+ years now, and while I'm not much of a gamer, I still absolutely love the Razer brand. Computers and technology in general are the core of my lifestyle, and a lot of products Razer offers fit into that lifestyle pretty well, from the quality to the aesthetics to the merch like the Sneki Snek plush and Hydrator bottle. Along with AMD, Razer is a brand I have utter brand loyalty to, so much so that I'm currently working to afford a PC build that revolves entirely around the Razer Tomahawk ITX case and Raptor 27 144Hz monitor, as well as the new Iskur (not sure if I want the X or the original yet, we'll see!).

    Outside of Razer stuff, I spend most of my time either making my friends laugh online, studying math stuff, working my 9-to-5, or watching YouTube (which makes my Leviathan sound bar quite handy!). I'm going to school for computer engineering, as well, and I've worked on quite a bit of 3D printing, so I do a bit of CAD modeling from time to time, too.

    I'm actually mostly on Insider here so I can get whatever Silver I can out of it, but I'm also really fascinated by the community here, and love to share my interests with everyone here, so it's like a "came for the Silver, stayed for the bros" kinda thing.
  4. I.Nix

    I.Nix Well-Known Member

    welcome to insider :)
  5. akgaming89

    akgaming89 New Member

    hi my name is katie aka akgaming89 on twitch and instagram
    and twitter
    and ive just gotten my first razer headset and super happy with the quaility
  6. Missa2

    Missa2 New Member

    Hello. I don't own much Razer products, but I'm looking for a community to be a part of. Maybe you'll recommend me something nice.
  7. Sajid114

    Sajid114 New Member

    Hi handsome
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  8. DRG_razer

    DRG_razer New Member

    Hello world! You can call me Dragao. I am a PC gamer from Romania and I've come to love Razer products for some years now. I currently own an Atheris and a pair of Kraken X. Next up: Iskur Black Ed.
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  9. Darth_Uchiha

    Darth_Uchiha New Member

    Hey im new here and im trying to find out more info on the gamma afk miner can anyone point me in the right direction
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  10. GemTheLegend

    GemTheLegend New Member

    I am Gem (aka @GemTheLegend) and I'm your typical Brit from the UK. I have been a fan of Razer since investing in the Kraken Headphones a few months ago. I love the huge interactivity that Razer provides to my gaming and I love a company which actually makes me feel like my money is going somewhere (supporting and saving trees).

    Outside of Razer, I also have interests in computers as a whole, exploring the great outdoors, doing yoga and mindfulness and of course, playing video games. Currently, my favorite games are ES Skyrim, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil to name a few.
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  11. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k Member

    Hi new to insider. Just ignore me. :)
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  12. FirePie

    FirePie New Member

    Heyo. Im Fireofpies
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  13. AllyTheRipper

    AllyTheRipper New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    My Name is Ally! I am from New York, I have been apart of the razer inside program for 4 years (I haven't logged in for a long time). I am here to meet more cool people who enjoy razer products & show my love for the products as well!

    I stream on twitch & I currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, Call of Duty & Stardew valley!

    I Am excited to meet everyone!
  14. Ambermonay626

    Ambermonay626 New Member

    Hey everyone, my names amber or amber monay ! I’m new here but I play apex, check me out on twitch at ambermonay626 ! Love to see some of you in chat maybe even play together
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  15. Hello! My name is Damien from the east coast USA. I've used Razer on and off ever since I got a computer back in 2008 but cannot live without razer cortex. I play a variety of games but generally am found vibing on either League of Legends Genshin Impact or Hearthstone these days
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  16. birbbbb

    birbbbb New Member

    Hey, I'm Birb, Honestly I'm just here cause I got nothing better to do but Mainly play Fortnite Nowadays
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  17. raagis

    raagis New Member

    fortnite on top
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  18. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k Member

    Hello friends! looks who's here... Kame Hame Haaa :big_grin_:
  19. MUY_2k

    MUY_2k Member

    Just redeemed 200 UC using cortex games! Yay!!!
  20. VueeyLePhotography

    VueeyLePhotography New Member

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