[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. VueeyLePhotography

    VueeyLePhotography New Member

  2. bePoro

    bePoro New Member

    Greetings Insiders!

    I am Tony (aka bePo) and I'm from Germany. Razer is always my go-to gear choice as i enjoy their designs and handling.

    Outside of Razer, I developed interests in computers as a whole, playing video games and go out with friends. My favorite games are Genshin Impact and Epic Seven currently as i prefer a more laid back gameplay lately.

    Looking forward browsing through Insider from now on!.
  3. StormStarbrickYT

    StormStarbrickYT New Member

    Hello! My name is Storm. I am a YouTuber and Streamer. I'm 17 and I have been a fan of Razer for years now. (idk why I never tried to find this before) I'm happy to be a part of the Razer community!

    P.S. Razer i love your Respawn Gum :)
  4. trialastamakaryaone

    trialastamakaryaone New Member

  5. Zibnewski

    Zibnewski New Member

    Hello, my name is Zib and I'm trying to figure out how to create a post. I want to address the issue of my headset starting to beep everytime I go to the kitchen/bathroom. I mean, what's the point of it being wireless if I can't run around the apartment with it? It's so frustrating to hear the beeps, especially when I'm trying to listen to something (I'd rather just have it cut out, it doesn't have to beep in my ears).

    Is there any way to turn this off?

  6. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Not possible to turn the beeps off.
    What headset do you have? Try to put your receiver closer to the headset, and be sure, that all devices like microwave are turned off (because they'll kill wireless signal), also if you live in area, where is big 2.4GHz congestion (wifi devices, bluetooths) this also can cause connection issue.

    Every environment is unique, for eg. I have wall that is literally packed with electricity cables, and it's not too far away from usb dongle (I'm using Razer ManO'War), when I stand behind the wall - it disconnects.
  7. N33k5IsAZombie

    N33k5IsAZombie New Member

    Hi I am Neeks! I live in the USA and I have been using Razer's in ear headsets since 2011 starting with the Moray+, moving on into the Hammerhead Pro and V2 lineup when misfortune befell my dear friend in mobile/portable gaming. I picked up an Atheris 2 years ago to use with my GPD Pocket 2 mini laptop which I use to play visual novels and some older games and recently purchased a, still waiting for it to arrive, Kraken Kitty BT edition. I play horror/survival horror, otome, and general visual novels. I read manga and light novels but, I do read some non weeb fiction as well. When I am not gaming, reading, or taking care of my family I do some crafting and lace making although my joints don't always like that.
    I have also gotten my partner to invest in a Razer keyboard last year for their MMO playing on PS4/PS5, they went with the Ornata and adore the Chroma lighting effects.
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  8. DaddyMags

    DaddyMags New Member

    Hello everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself. So, let me start with my name. My name is John from PH. I am 27 years old. I just newly created my account here in Razer Insider but I had my Razer account especially on Synapse and Cortex since I am collecting Razer Silver. (Still grinding using Razer Cortex :big_grin_:) I just got my Razer peripherals like Razer Cynosa Elite KB (2020) and Razer Deathadder Mice (2020). I will be upgrading my peripherals soon hopefully you can help me by suggesting what is the best KB and mice so far.

    Daddymags :dragon:
  9. piciusz2

    piciusz2 New Member

    Hello guys, nice to meet you !
    Just got here, looking forward to being part of this gaming comunity.
    Game on!
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  10. StepAsR

    StepAsR New Member

    Hi guys!
    I'm Stefano, from Rome, Italy, loving being part of this Razer community!

    See you here and in-game!
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  11. RiotGotEm

    RiotGotEm New Member

    I apologize! I somehow saw this thread AFTER I had already posted a new one; but I'm Aaron, aka RiotPlays. I'm a streamer/content creator from the USA and proud owner of the Blackshark V2 and Basilisk X Hyperspeed, so far.
  12. Rafalex.

    Rafalex. New Member

    Hi, I'm Rafa, from Portugal, lisbon, i love razer!
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  13. GoldenNCPBoi

    GoldenNCPBoi New Member

    Hey insiders my name is Ecko and I've been a long time fan of razers gear! I've had razer gear since 2019 and its fantastic.
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  14. Juse73X

    Juse73X New Member

    My name's Justin, and I've been using Razer for a few months now.
    I'm from Canada, and I use Basilisk HyperSpeed + Cynosa v2. Thinking of switching to Huntsman TKD.
    I like playing Minecraft the most, but I also play Terraria and Geometry Dash.
    I like watching Subnautica and Genshin on Youtube.
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  15. DRG_razer

    DRG_razer New Member

    I've been there, what a great city!
  16. Hi! I'm Kalydos from Georgia in the United States!! I only have a Kraken headset so far but it's so nice ahh I plan to get more of their stuff! Nice to meet you all!!
  17. Mouseysmonsters

    Mouseysmonsters New Member

    Hi long time razor user first time poster!! Figured I should finally get dem free reward silver by de-lurking
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  18. Da_DarkLordz

    Da_DarkLordz New Member

    i felt like posting becuase i need achevement
  19. Hi everybody. I'm new here.
  20. kanemuqa

    kanemuqa New Member

    Hello everybody ! ;)
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