[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. DrGLBuchanan

    DrGLBuchanan Member

    Welcome everyone to Razer Insider.
  2. likeduh104

    likeduh104 New Member

    Hi, I'm new to the Razer community. I'm still not sure what you use Silver for. Could anybody clear that up?
  3. SparxITA

    SparxITA New Member

    Hi there, I'm Daniele aka Sparx and i am mainly a Mobile Gamer.
  4. ManicLandIzzy

    ManicLandIzzy New Member

    Hey everyone. My name is Isolde, and I stream as ManicLandIzzy. I am completely new to the Razer community. I don't yet own any Razor products, but I very much want to. I really want a pair of Kraken headphones, and I want the mask, because what self respecting cybergoth would not want RGB headphones and an RGB mask? a few weeks ago, I put my name down for sponsorship, and this morning, I was really surprised to find an Email, saying I have been accepted for #RazerStreamer. I am just hoping that I can scrape the money together in the next 30 days, to be able to get some Razer broadcast equipment, so I can participate in #RazerQuest, and earn the position of Razer Affiliate. I know I can apply for it now, but I don't want to apply for it yet, not until I am on screen with a Razer product.
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  5. b0x3d

    b0x3d New Member

    b0x3d from London, building a NON TOXIC community and streaming mainly CSGO daily.

    Pop by and say hi -

  6. Jerryatrics

    Jerryatrics New Member

    Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I'm from Australia. My first Razer product is a Basilisk Ultimate and I'm enjoying it so far. Looking forward to using this forum more.
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  7. moonman1111

    moonman1111 New Member

    Hello, I am Foster, from Nebraska in the United States. I am no newbie to Razer products, but am to this forum I had no idea existed despite using razer products for almost 10 years. You can find me on steam under eNv10us or something like that.
  8. Hello, everyone, I am also new here.
  9. Razer is silver
  10. bunny7850

    bunny7850 Member

    Hey guys my name is Kaouki. I'm new to Razer products and just purchased my first Razer mouse. It is the Deathadder V2 and so far, it has been a great addition to my setup. I am looking to further increase my Razer arsenal in the future.

    As far as hobbies, I enjoy playing video games (obviously) and also studying aviation and computers. As for games that I currently play, I play Valorant and have been trying to catch up on all the single player games that I've purchased in the past, but never finished.

    I love the community that Razer has made and am looking forward to contributing more to Razer Insider.
  11. TitanTpg

    TitanTpg New Member

    Ciao a tutti ragazzi sono Daniele e sono nuovo nella comunità Razer, nei social media potete trovarmi come titanprogamer_tpg, sono uno stream gioco principalmente fps, mmo, gdr, picchiaduro e adoro i prodotti razer, attualmente uso per giocare il mouse razer deathadder V2.
  12. Atevi92

    Atevi92 New Member

    Hello all, I am Iveta, from Bulgaria. I am 29 and play games from like a year ago. I have 2 sweet girls, a dog & a cat. I would like if you join me in playing while i shoot vids now and stream... i hope so soon :)
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  13. Askor20

    Askor20 New Member

    OK sir thanks
  14. ElfRazer

    ElfRazer Member

    Hello, offline game player here !!! Happy with my Razer Blade 15!!
  15. I_am_kanwal

    I_am_kanwal New Member

    Hi I'm Kanwal, female Gamer, adducted of Fortnite, Mostly people think that a female gamer can't play Online Game, but it's not true.
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  16. DrGLBuchanan

    DrGLBuchanan Member

  17. flowBazaartechno379

    flowBazaartechno379 New Member

    im alex, i love halo (as u can see as my pfp) im horrible at multiplayer but i still love playing with others
  18. fupovatu

    fupovatu New Member

    Hello everyone ;)
  19. D4rkAmethyst

    D4rkAmethyst New Member

    Hi~ I'm Natasha, and I'm absolutely new. I'm mostly poking about on here because.. IDK, why not? My only Razer product atm is a Goliath Chroma Extended (Black) I got in a sale cuz I wanted some more RGB in my setup.
    I've been tempted by a few others primarily because of the Quartz options, pink is an underserved colour in gaming gear but throwing pink and purple lighting on stuff works a treat.
    I play a fair few games, mostly on PC, particularly Forza Horizon 5, Eurotruck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator 2, PC Building Sim, and Runescape. I usually have some kind of shooter in the mix as well, but that one varies, been Battlefield 4 of late after backtracking from 1.
  20. DrGLBuchanan

    DrGLBuchanan Member

    Welcome to Razer, new Insiders.
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