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[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. TonioPanzer

    TonioPanzer New Member

    Hla, mi nombre es Antonio, de Chile, específicamente del puerto principal, Valparaíso. Soy nuevo, he leído las instrucciones, pero aún así sigo un poco perdido jajajaja, cualquier ayuda o sugerencia es bienvenida.
    Mis juegos preferidos es BF 3 y AOE, pero ahora juego LOL, COD y uno que otro más, aprovechando la cuarentena.

    Ps: vote en los próximos juegos para móvil, pero no obtuve la recompensa y por otras cosas tampoco, alguien me puede ayudar?

    Saludos a todos :D
  2. tuqiniqo

    tuqiniqo New Member

    Hello from NY! :)

    With those words and the way Erica was holding me up with her arms under my armpits, she grabbed at the bottom of my top and lifted it, flashing my bare breasts, Adam, not only now being the first to ever kiss me, but the first to ever see me topless as well. I tried desperately to cover myself with my hands, but the damage had already been done, I was exposed, to him and whoever else had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse. When the curiosity got too strong to see what Adam was now doing, I looked up to see him red-faced and then scrambling away like he had done something wrong, I almost felt sorry for him.
    "If you think that's it, that was just the appetizer," she whispered into my ear.

    I didn't have a moment to catch my breath as she dragged me to the living room where the DJ was. I was shocked to see the furniture was all moved and all sorts of lights were set up along with a dance floor, it was like being in a concert or a club. People were dancing, girls grinding on guys wearing slutty, skimpy costumes, I no longer felt that out of place, in fact, some girls were wearing less than me. But I had one thing they didn't and Erica made sure to remind of that as I felt the vibrators turn back on with the intensity going up and down as I saw her fumbling with the controls.
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  3. ScarletFox31

    ScarletFox31 New Member

    Hi guys, I am Zach, AKA Scarlet Fox. I play games with my wife, Rebecca, AKA Emerald Raccoon.

    Played games most my life and been a hard core Razer fan boy all my life. Changed my life course recently and decided to get a bit more involved in my gaming and family and hoping to start doing some streaming.

    Play mainly first person shooters/ adventure games. Love my gaming and playing with miniatures.

    Love to get involved in this community!
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  4. Hey insiders my name is my name is Chris from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I have lots of Razer stuff. Everyone have a very nice day! :smile_:
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  5. fcpolifan

    fcpolifan New Member

    Hi all, I'm Stefan and I've just recently bought a Razer Blade 15 - after being undecided for the longest of times. So here I am, trying to belong :D
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  6. hiding40

    hiding40 New Member

    Hi My name is Heidi, online i'm know as hiding40. I live in Australia and play games such as Yakuza, Sims and now Persona on PC. I'm fairly new to PC and enjoying it so far.
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  7. sufferingDev

    sufferingDev New Member

    Hello! Just another normal person.
    I don't really got a lot to say, other than Hi.
  8. RaJaBa21

    RaJaBa21 New Member

    My name is RTafael, I'm from brazil, I'm in the quest about knowledge,
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  9. BoiKaname

    BoiKaname New Member

    Hello Insider!
  10. Suecore

    Suecore Active Member

    Hi, I'm Sue.
    I mainly play League of Legends and World of Warcraft tho i get bored and try new stuff: currently Valorant.
    I've played HS, HOTS, Dota2, Watch Dogs 2, Minecraft, PUBG lite, Monster Hunter and others~~
    Super hyped for Cyberpunk 2077~~
  11. abeshinozawa

    abeshinozawa New Member

    Hi I love Razer. Im newby.
    Plz help me.
  12. MihalisNavara

    MihalisNavara New Member

    Hello staff and members. I'm Mihalis from Greece and I've just became the owner of a Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headset. I mostly play Cold Waters, Command and Conquer Red Alert 3, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. I also use the headset for Discord. Nice to meet you, hope we share useful information in order to enjoy our Razers more and have a good time.
  13. datas17083

    datas17083 New Member

    Im david and i like spaced theme games and more!
  14. lolnotlol

    lolnotlol New Member

    hello insiders, i am farhan new to the community but i have a razer deathadder. its one of the best products i own.
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  15. Mon3y98200

    Mon3y98200 New Member

    watsupp Razer Insider!!!!
    I am Jack from Malaysia. nice meeting all of you here.
    Razer products really live up to his brand.
    I am razer fans and will continue to support in the future.
    already bought razer products from razer jacket to mouse to mousepad to earphone to keyboard.
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  16. doublexp

    doublexp New Member

    Hello I am Gabriel A. Jimenez; a #RazerStreamer like most of you, from the United States! I am an old man gamer and an entrepreneur within the industry, oh I even like crypto! YOu can Learn More about me via my Razer Profile.

    I currently own 6 Razer Products enjoy Gaming and Streaming. I am a XBOX Ambassador as well and looking forward to be awesome in this community. If you wish to check me out when I Stream by all means follow links on my profile; or just this one lol!

    I am looking forward to connecting with evertone so stop by and say hi!
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  17. rofovone

    rofovone New Member

    As she covered her body with soap, running her hands across her breasts and down between her legs, Gina was even more thankful that Kellie had opened her home to her. If she had stayed back at the office, the odds were that, despite her initial disinclination, she probably would've wound up at the party at Clancy's and once there, who knew what might've happened. Given her long dry spell, that night with David notwithstanding, plus her tendency to drink too much at parties, she could have woken up tomorrow morning having done something, or more specifically, someone she'd later regret.
    As she rinsed herself off, Gina's mind drifted a bit and she found herself wondering what Kellie did for sexual relief. She was, even close to forty, still an attractive woman, but in none of their conversations had she ever mentioned a man in her life. And from what several co-workers had told Gina, Kellie never brought anyone to corporate social functions. Some said she was married to the job, while others just thought she was a private person who preferred to keep her professional and personal lives separate. An even smaller few had more salacious theories.
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  18. Just joined the community today. I am a Razer Phone 2 user
  19. greglugar

    greglugar New Member

    Hi, Greg from Los Angeles. I just got my first Razer blade 15 this week and I'm impressed with this laptop. I switched from using Apple laptops for 20 years. Starting with an iBook, PowerBook, MB, MB Air and MB Pro. I would love to get a Razer Stealth if they could fit a RTX.
  20. David1207

    David1207 New Member

    Hello Everyone

    This is David and I'm a newbie gamer and joined this group to learn something new and improve my gaming skills.
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