RAZER KIYO New Firmaware dropped my FPS

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by kendtrai, Jul 28, 2020.

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  1. kendtrai

    kendtrai New Member

    Hello, i'm a streamer and i use Streamlabs for diffuse my stream.
    I have download a new firmware for my Razer Kiyo (01.01.023), but he is dropped my fps, i use my kiyo with 60 fps,
    the fps stays at 15 even though it's set to 60 ...

    You have a solution ?
    this has happened since the update ...
    S/N 401813L01701115

    It's possible to back to the old fimrware ? (01.01.022)

    Thank you for your reply, and excuse my bad english, i'm VietNam
  2. kendtrai

    kendtrai New Member

    razer kiyo's screen suddenly became very dark. if I increase the exposure, the FPS drops significantly
  3. kendtrai

    kendtrai New Member

    every time I use razer kiyo I have to restart it all the time to get back to its original state
  4. RaverX3X

    RaverX3X New Member

    In stream labs are you using custom settings or device default? If you are using custom and you choose like mjpg or something the device doesn't support that would give low fps. Is it only OBS / Slobs that does this, have you tried discord and or Google Meets or another program? If it still exabits that behavior I would put in a ticket with Razor.
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