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Razer Naga Trinity

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by directMediumChampagne683, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. I am very disappointed with the razer quality of the Naga trinity. last month, I bought a brand new naga trinity because my old trinity was broken, having the same problem as everyone else who has it: the left and right mouse buttons have extremely sensitive actuators, which basically what im getting at is that when I press one of the buttons it registers 1, 2, 3 or even 4 times. I buy this new razer naga trinity in the hopes to fix it, but not even 1 month later it is already broken in the right mouse button, making playing games nearly impossible.
    Please fix this, I love razer but im at my last straw and about to just switch to corsair, since they make the only other mouse that has the mmo buttons (1-12 buttons on the thumb side)
    Thank you
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  2. Dr4xio

    Dr4xio New Member

    I have same problem but bought my mouse at 2019-02-16, and I have a problem like:
    - issues with left&right click button (both at once).
    - While gaming (ex World of Warcraft) mouse has lags or problems with reconizing both (left & right) buttons clicked. This combination is used to look around.
    - Same issue I have when I use only right click - mouse is sometimes stuck or breaks the right click - like I pressed of the button.

    I contacted the Razer Support but I have been told that my warranty is already gone :slightly_sad:
  3. baseSinopiadaily109

    baseSinopiadaily109 New Member

    One month is very quick to have this issue, I have been following these issues this year because I myself bought one in december 19, most people on average from reddit, people in my guild etc the average time seems to be 5-6 months it all depends on the usage... for me it was 5 months.. I think they will need to release a new model of this naga to fix these issues, I at least hope they are looking into this and designing something new... I dont suggest people keep buying replacement mice if you have a mouse under warranty then its better to RMA... Is this the new standard for mice... break in less then a year and have to buy a new mouse every year? This will only make them reluctant to release new models.
  4. Dr4xio

    Dr4xio New Member

    @baseSinopiadaily109 totally agree, My naga sometimes just goes creazy - espesially when you are in raid and trying to kite boss and suddenly the camera turns you back to the boss :D

    The sad point is that around 90% of electronics is designed to fail soon after warranty (even 90% produced in China) to force you to buy new after 2-3 years. Everything from dishwasher/mobile phones etc.

    In my opinion, such issues should not happen for a Premium & Gaming product (with price ~100$), but still can.
    I like my mouse, it fits my hand and it's quite ergonomic to use.
    I would modify the 12button keyboard to be adjustable (like simitar has).

    The bad point is that my support case has not been solved yet. Having quite long discussion with support.
    Product bought at 2019-02-16 in retail shot still should have the warranty (have POC).
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